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Formula Motorsports

Porsche Factory Tooling

At Formula Motorsports we house one of the largest collections of Porsche factory tooling.   Since 1966 we have managed to procure original factory tools for the model lines ranging from the 356 Carrera 2 –> 992  Camshaft timing plates, valve tappet feeler gauges, syncronometers, and even the assembly lines templates for the proper positioning of Porsche insignias.  We also house literature original to the special wishes programs from 930S through today Exclusive Manufactuer Program to ensure your restoration is as original as possible.  


Celette S.A.S frame machines are Porsche AG certified to properly repair your Porsche’s frame.  At Formula Motorsports we have the latest Celette frame equipment to ensure your prized Porsche is repaired and measured with the same scrutinizing parameters as on the assembly line.

Engine & Gearbox

Porsche provides one of the most extensive catalogues for proper Porsche engine and gearbox rebuilding and upgrading.  Offering hundreds of individuals tools allow Formula Motorsports to not only complete engine & transmission rebuilds with the same quality controls as the factory but also within timeframes unheard of in the industry.  Proper tooling allows for the most efficient rebuilds and changes to configurations possible.   


At Formula Motorsports we house one of the most complete collections of Porsche factory workshop service literature for street and racing Porsche alike.  We also have full access to all Porsche AG literature inclusive of chassis dimensions, repair procedures for ALL Porsche models updated in real time.  We are one of the few independent Porsche facilities with this capability.  Beyond technical literature we use the most current original Factory diagnostics via the Porsche PIWIS system- not aftermarket.  


Unique to Formula Motorsports is our ability to fabricate parts for your classic Porsche using the same machines operated by the Porsche technician in the 1950’s-1990’s.  Our staffs 50+ years of experience in welding, lathe operation, and forging allows us to replicate parts for your Porsche that even Porsche AG no longer offers.   There are only a handful of facilities in the world able to make this claim.