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Formula Motorsports

Expert Witness Testimony & Reporting

At Formula Motorsports we have provided expert witness testimony for clients in relation to Porsche automobiles for decades.  Often collector car owners insurance policies require mediation, or more, to fully settle a dispute.  Our expert opinions have helped clients persue their legal avenues to the fullest.  Formula Motorsports and its agent/employees are not offering legal services nor hold licensing to do so, we offer expert opinions on the Porsche automobile exclusively.  We’ve worked within NY, CA, CT, FL, PA, MA, CO, in many capacities.  Onsite visits and depositions are commonplace and welcomed.  Beyond technical reporting we can offer testimony in relation to the Porsche brand, EV’s, Motorsport, and procurement.  

Formula Motorsports can provide collision/mechanical estimates using the same software used by major insurance carriers as well as offer valuations and availability of even the most unique of Porsche models.   Upon request/consideration we can offer these service for many other automobile makes and models of the same characteristics.

Fee Schedule- upon request

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