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Formula Motorsports


Monticello Motor Club, just 90 minutes from New York City, features 4.1 miles of smooth race-grade asphalt dedicated to the driving pleasure of its members – individuals and families who are passionate about motorsports, who relish the driving experience, and who seek a place of belonging among like-minded people.

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RSR Nurgburg has multiple locations at various European venues.  Visit their wesite for more information on their rental offerings at these historic racing circuits.

​WHAT IS THE NÜRBURGRING?The Nürburgring is a racetrack in Germany, comprised of two separate sections, that are occasionally joined for special events. It is located in the Eifel Mountain region, and surrounds a few towns and villages, most namely the town of Nürburg, and the town of Adenau.

WHAT MAKES UP THE CIRCUIT?The circuit is comprised of the famous Nordschleife (also known as the ‘Green hell’ or the “Grüne Hölle”), which is 21km long, and is infamous amongst many motor racing groups, Playstation and Xbox Gamers, as well as fans of Top Gear. The other part of the circuit is the known as the GP Track, which is used for the Formula 1, and is the modernised part of the circuit. The two tracks are able to be joined together, and are done so for special events, and the ‘VLN’ series of races.