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Tips for Porsche Paint Maintenance

One of our primary Porsche services at Formula Motorsports is paint protection. You want your beautiful Porsche to shine at all times, and our Ceramic Pro and other paint protection services are the top of the line here.
What are some other tactics you can take to ensure that your paint remains shiny and smooth at all times? Here are a few basic tips.

Non-Abrasive Cleaning
Many commercial car wash systems should be generally avoided, as they only use abrasive nylon brushes or high-pressure washers. Both these items can damage paint, and harsh chemicals do the worst of this damage. In addition, many of these services do not utilize proper drying, and allow spots to etch into the paint.
As an alternative here, hand-wash your Porsche or use a green technology like steam cleaning. This is both better for the environment and far healthier for your vehicle’s paint.


Polish is an abrasive compound that can help shave off imperfections in paint while leaving surfaces smooth. Polishing must be done before waxing – if not, the wax will make the paint look dull and will wear off more quickly. Learn how to master polishing techniques, and consult our experts if you have any questions.

Waxing and Sealant

Washing and polishing are steps to prepare the surface for wax or paint sealant, or sometimes both. These products seal in your hard work and protect paint from contaminants, plus give the coat a shine. Wax is generally a natural substance while sealant is synthetic, and they can give two different kinds of shine. If you’re using both, wax will be used first.

Sun Damage Avoidance
It’s impossible to completely avoid UV rays on your paint, but you can reduce its harmful effects. Always park the car inside or use a car cover, and make sure to wax properly – wax also provides sun protection. Another good measure to take is washing the car regularly.
Want to learn more about Porsche paint maintenance, or interested in any of our Porsche restoration services? Speak to the experts at Formula Motorsports today.