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The Basics of Organized Porsche Racing


For those looking to race their Porsche, either for fun or in a semi-professional atmosphere, the Porsche Club of America runs a program called Club Racing. Run by a national PCA Racing Committee, this program takes place over numerous regions, with dates spanning from February to November each year.

At Formula Motorsports, one area of our Porsche service involves keeping your vehicle ready if racing is something you’re interested in. Here are some basics of the Club Racing program, including safety requirements and how you can go about obtaining a license if you want to get involved.

Classes of Porsche

Club Racing has classes available for every type of Porsche out there. To be eligible for a program, a car must simply have a Porsche chassis and drivetrain. There are two primary classes that all Porsches and other racing vehicles will fall into:

  • Stock: Street cars with minimal modifications
  • Modified: Cars with allowable modifications, all of which are carefully outlined in the rule book

Stock classes are formed from similar factory power-to-weight ratios. Cars must have complete road trim, stock drive trains and street tires. Modified classes are defined by engine size, then are divided again by whether the driver is using street tires or racing tires. All these details are in place to ensure both safety and fairness within the program.

Safety Requirements

Safety requirements for Club Racing include:

  • Roll cage that meets class specifications
  • 5- or 6-point harness with a proper seat
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Window net
  • External cut-off switch

Drivers are required to obtain equipment including a helmet, suit, shoes, gloves and potentially other items. The rule book contains all direct safety equipment specifications.

Obtaining a License

Any PCA member may apply for a Club Racing License if they meet the criteria in the PCA Licensing Procedure (contained within the rule book). Criteria for a racing application will fall under one of the following formats:

  • Via an existing, current full-competition license with current experience from a recognized road-racing sanctioning organization
  • Via meeting the race-track driving experience requirements as defined in the rule book

All drivers will have to provide a certificate of a recent physical exam to participate – this is a hard and fast rule with no exceptions.

Interested in learning more about Porsche racing, or want to find out about any of our services, from Porsche collision repair to a basic oil change? Speak to the experts at Formula Motorsports today.