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Signs Porsche Oil Needs Changing

Porsche motor oil is designed specifically for their brand of vehicles, and regularly changing it out is important for keeping the engine functioning at peak power. At Formula Motorsports, we provide oil changes and several other maintenance services for your Porsche.
What are some signs that your vehicle might be moving toward the point where an oil change is needed? Here are a few of the most common telltale signs.

​Ticking Noise While Starting
As a normal engine accelerates, it pumps oil through the crankcase and cylinder heads to keep these areas lubricated. Over time, though, golden and fresh oil will pick up various contaminants from heat and various wear and tear items, and it will become dirty. Dirty oil is sludgy, and therefore has trouble moving around the engine.
Commonly, this can cause a ticking noise that comes from the valve train during startup. The dirty oil is taking longer to move through the engine to lubricate the valve train, which causes the noise.  With 996/997 models in particular this noise is a result of lifter failure or lack of use.

Sluggish Acceleration
A well-lubricated engine operates smoothly, allowing parts to move in their organic formats without issue. As it becomes dirty, though, parts won’t perform as smoothly – this can create sluggish acceleration, or a feeling as if the engine has lost some of its normal power. This will set in over time, and continuously get worse until oil is changed.

Rough Idling
Down similar lines, you may feel like the engine is shaking the vehicle more than normal during basic periods of idling. This is due to an increase in friction between pistons, rings and bearings – they have less oil to keep them lubricated, and therefore operate more roughly.

Knocking Noises
If bad oil stays in the engine too long, it will result in rod bearings that wear out, and these can lead to knocking noises in the engine. These will sound like a rock tumbler, and can shake the vehicle at idling. When speeds increase, the noises will only get louder.
To learn more about spotting the signs that your Porsche needs an oil change, or for any of our other Porsche services, speak to the technicians at Formula Motorsports today.