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Formula Motorsports

The Anti Christ

by Michael Tashjian

Top story has to be Porsche staying the course on EV’s knowing full well the marketplace seems to reject EV’s as a substitute to good old petrol.  Yes, the Porsche 911 Hybrid /Taycan GT/Mission X/coming soon variants, are hitting the market all while policy is moving in the opposite direction.  It is all but matter of fact that the EV space is going to follow the path of Phen Phen and Enron, no bueno, and will be a sector not a market.  At this point just about all major manufactures are back peddling on EV’s, along with Joe investor when it comes to a funds underlying assets (or at least what they tell you).  Turns out there’s been no real market and the minuscule parts there was is somehow contracting.  Additionally, we cannot provide the power to run them, and batteries are incredibly environmental unfriendly; shocker.   Yet with all spades on the board Porsche AG says, “alle voraus.”  So be it, and God’s speed like a hero riding his Steth into a fireball over a drawbridge in some medieval setting.   Romantic maybe, value to the shareholder over the 5-years, unknown.  Happiness of the Porsche enthusiasts, questionable.
Not too many a moon ago, Porsche was a function over form, reason over sentiment, and most importantly, an enthusiast’s car manufacturer.  That was then and this is now.  After falling a prey to the neocons Porsche embraced, along with all the big names (Ford, GM, etc.), to invest and frankly go all in on EV’s.  The shift from a driver’s car to the precursor to autonomy, aka. The Anti-Christ is happening.  Expectingly, there was/is/will be, virtually no demand from an enthusiast standpoint for EV’s in their current form.  I cannot predict what they may come up with that would sway even the naysayers in decades to come.
What do we do about EV sales?  – many an executive at Automobile company ABC.  
Answer: make them loaner cars and count them as sales.  Umm sure, but at some point, they will need to be sold.  Considering a Taycan Turbo S getting about a 40% discount on the aftermarket with delivery miles, this is not the best of options.  And they’ve all but discontinued the Cross Turismo here in the states.
Sure, Porsche announcing the Taycan GT this week posting a Nurburgring lap time of 7min7sec, makes for a good poster, and the Porsche 911 Hybrid I am sure to post a blistering time.  Who the target audience, though?  Not to say they won’t tailor production to meet even a limited demand, but really, who will be the buyer? 
Having a vested interest in the success of Porsche I’m hopeful they have a plan b exit strategy should federal regulations effectively make EV’s even more unmarketable to the masses due to cost, or an alternative such as Honda and its innovative hydrogen lineup.  Time will tell and in the interim Porsche is still pumping petrol just the way we like it.