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991.2 GT3

Another spring season is upon us here in New York City, and another GT3 has hit the market with Instgram pictures of allocations and build sheets. It may be age speaking, but have we been down this road before? Yes. 2004, 2007, 2009 2011, 2014 all marked a new and marketed as improved GT3. Was that a question? Maybe so. I would say improvement has many definitions dependent upon the buyer’s expectations. For some it may be pure horsepower, and others a more refined interior to enjoy off the track. To each is own is my mantra. Here are some pointers you should ask before dropping $150k+ on the newest and coolest toy on the market. At least until the GT4 RS. in a new tab)


Am I looking for Performance on the street or track?
Without reiterating what is already on the awesome interactive website our friends at Porsche AG have built for the 991.2 GT3, the 4-liter, 9000rpm, dry sump, PDK standard/Manual Optional gearbox, and lightweight construction equals fast no matter how you slice it and dice it. So fast that 90%+ of owners will never have the chance to drive it at its peck performance stats. On the track the new GT3 promises to be the best and most forgiving production 911 to date while still retaining the raw GT feel Porsche owners have become accustomed to. With a top speed of 198mph I am willing to test and report back should the opportunity arise.


I must admit that if your in the GT3 market @ $148K you don’t mind the additional 10% in cost that gets you full bucket seats ($5200), front axle lift ($2590), PDLS ($2900), and the Extended fuel tank ($140), Miami Blue ($4200) because why not, for a grand total of $160K. The only other car that even comes close is the Lamborghini Huracan starting @ $200K. And remember for that additional $50K you can spend boatloads more to option out and maintain.

Clear Winner: 991.2 GT3


Not too much to report beyond the strips on the full bucket seats which right off the bat sold me. If that does not scream I spent $150K wisely not much does. The rear wing now dawns the 4.0 badging and overall high increase of .8’’ over Gen1 991 GT3, with massive air intake rams built of carbon fiber. The redesigned front bumper allows for more airflow and better aerodynamics in the form of down force. Interior accents, LED this and Apple that, you get the picture. And of course those of you who are able to get the Club Sport package well good for you I guess. Fortunately the interior dimensions match that of the 991.1 so all harness bars, roll cages, etc. will convert over. All things considered it is a very handsome looking GT3. But, and this is a very big but, the next generation GT3 MUST be able to compete head to head with Ferrari and MB in the finishing’s department. Yes I know it is a track car built for men who don’t even need AC! But when the price starts creeping up to the cost of a medical degree, well I am going to expect full leather as standard, and the choice of ANY color at no additional cost. Take note Germany.

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