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992 GT3


992 GT3- The Continuation of the Sportscar
 by Michael Tashjian
    Having arrived in Spring of 2003, the new water-cooled Porsche GT3 (996) would help cultivate a class of sportscar specifically developed for the weekend road course warrior.  A whopping 381hp, extended redline, 6 piston brakes, and a bunch of newly developed parts such as PCCB.  Fast forward a decade and change and presto two additional generations (997 & 991) and welcome the 992 GT3. 
    The 992 GT3 is set to hit gridlock on the BQE in winter 2021.  This should be one of the most highly produced GT3 models and most user friendly.  Gone are the nicknames, widow maker, and welcome, “Honey, I’m taking the GT3.”  Thanks in part to more aggressive aero via a radical rear diffuser and swan neck wing, the new GT3 can achieve downforce that was only available in a full Cup format.  So now you can really take that ramp at full blast and show that Mitsubishi Eclipse with a chain for a license plate holder who’s boss.  Technical specifications are being closely guarded for the time being, but the naturally aspirated 4.0-liter engine accompanied by two gearbox options means its users should have the most interactive driving experience yet.  Porsche has decided to stick with naturally aspirated 4.0 liter, rather than more efficient turbocharging.  How much longer this goes on for is questionable.  I believe 992 is the final run before forced induction or electric assist.  Out of the box Porsche will offer a 6-speed manual or PDK, and paint to sample for those wishing to drop 12K this go around.  And since I’ve touched upon color, I must admit that Shark Blue looks gorgeous in the photos.  If history is any indication of future trends, the next color up on the block is Brown or Hot Pink.
    Let’s talk RS.  Has the GT3 deviated too far from its original intent to be a minimalist weekend warrior weapon of choice?  Maybe.  It depends on how you look at it.  Building and selling 25000 cars provides (arguably) better quality control, more money for R&D, testing, and cost to the consumer (yeah right).  So, Porsche has decided to fluff it up a little to ensure they not only sell upwards of another 25000 cars as in the 991 series but surpass it.  Perhaps the RS will be rawer, and, in your face, God knows the wing is big enough.  The RS should sport a PDK, figure a modest 40 bhp, and an even more aggressive suspension setup, and maybe even a cool helmet case.  Sold separately.
    Now the most important question.  Should you go out and buy the latest and greatest?  Yes.  The Porsche GT3 has and will continue to be the benchmark all others aspire to.  Reliable, fast, carry reasonable long-term value, and doesn’t get dated nearly as quickly as a comparable 2 door in its class, and yeah, it’s a 911.