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Formula Motorsports

Porsche 911 Life

by Michael Tashjian
​Technical Chair

Determining our center is something we all comes to terms with at some point.  Fortunately, should this be that time for you, you’re in luck.  The Porsche 911 is here for you, easy big fella.  Just wise enough, plenty of pedal, and aged with grace no matter the generation.  Children, our chosen professions, companionship, all command such focus that we can lose our equilibrium.  Without getting too philosophical or frankly go off the handle, man needs tools to retain his/her sanity.  Yes, I am assuming there’s been some state of sanity 😉 Does the Porsche provide the portal to reach this equilibrium?  Depends on your tolerance for psychedelic drugs, I guess this is the most reasonable conclusion to reach.
    Sunday morning, already stressed about the coming week’s goals, lunatics from many moons ago, and without doubt, traffic.  Shocker.  All is ok, your trusted steed in in the garage, fueled up and ready for battle to the local bagel privier this weekend.   Fast forward meetings in which you discuss what the need for so many meeting is and the cover comes off, you caught side view mirror again, and your over 40 ass drops in the seat.  Ahhh, 25 minutes of bliss.  Yes, you’re taking the long way for the whole wheat bagel you know is just as unhealthy as the egg everything.  Your kid runs to the car, “Dad, can I come?”  Sure.  And off you go.  You’ve already come to terms with your partner having spilled coffee in the cupholder on a prior journey, and your sausage egg and cheese having no Ketchup is another certainty (they never listen), but that’s ok.  Your ok.  It is summer, you’re listening to your 911 engine purr, the leather on your steering wheel is form fitted to your hotdog fingers, there’s a cool breeze, all is well. 
    Do cars really perform a function outside of transportation?  You are reading this, right?  Of course.  Your Porsche is part of your life, and in some cases your defining moment.  It carries you through tough times, it holds memories, life milestones, times of sadness, and most importantly, it is only yours.  In the liberal society of sharing, this will not be shared.  It is yours.  You take care of it more than monetarily, its love, albeit a generally expensive one.  We can conclude the Porsche automobile is just shy of unconditional love.   From 160 ponies in the first S model, to over 700 today.  Plenty of lovin across the entire board no matter what your type is.
   Porsche pilots truly believe their car is the ultimate sanctuary.  Perhaps one of the last few real freedoms we have.  Cherish it, don’t sell it, enjoy it-until next time.