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Basics on Porsche Tire Maintenance

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They often aren’t the most exciting part of the car to work on or talk about, but the tires on your Porsche are one of the most important pieces of equipment on the entire vehicle. Tires in great condition lead to a vehicle that’s safer, more fuel-efficient and more comfortable than tires that have issues, which can not only make your Porsche less safe to drive, but can also contribute to wearing down several components of the vehicle faster than they would otherwise.

At Formula Motorsports, tires are a big part of our Porsche maintenance services offered. Here are a few basic tips for you as the owner to keep them in tip-top shape.


Even if your tires have been recently changed, you should be giving them a visual inspection once every couple months. Do the same anytime you’ve driven in muddy or otherwise poor conditions, particularly over the winter season where this kind of thing is a bit more common.

What you’re checking for here is very simple: Uneven wear, worn-down treads or any other part of the tire that doesn’t look normal. Also pay attention while you’re driving – if you notice the car is pulling to one side or the other, skidding or making noises from the tires during basic driving situations, this could be a sign of tires that are worn down. If you see any visible issues, bring the vehicle in to our technicians.

Pressure Concerns

When tires are under-inflated, they’ll cause you to use more gas to run your car and will also potentially damage other parts of the wheel. When they’re over-inflated, they’re at risk of bursting and causing you to skid out dangerously while driving.

Your Porsche’s on-board computer can give you a readout of your tire pressure, and can usually warn you if pressure is too high or too low. If you receive this warning, bring the vehicle in and let us get your pressure handled.

Following Maintenance Schedules

Both for their own benefit and that of the vehicle itself, your tires need to be balanced, aligned and rotated regularly. These are all part of the basic vehicle diagnostics we perform when you come in for Porsche service, and we’ll lay out a schedule for you of when you should be observing certain bits of planned tire maintenance.

For more on Porsche tires, or to learn about any of our other Porsche services, speak to the pros at Formula Motorsports today.