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Porsche Then and Now

By Michael Tashjian • November 11, 2015

Porsche Then and Now – A view from PNCA Atlanta

The first Porsche I can remember is an 83 911 Turbo my father converted into a “Flatness” (not to be confused with the slantnose, before it became fashionable) using a 928 front bumper, 928 headlight assemblies, and a slew of other unique alterations both performance based and atheistically. Sadly over the past decade we have seen less and less of these unique cars on the roadways of America and in the hands of skilled technicians. Having just returned from Porsche Cars North America new facility located in Atlanta as part of the Porsche Classics advisory panel its apparent many of our wishes will now be granted.

One Porsche drive is exactly what one would expect from the German purveyor of style and class. Sleek but yet sophisticated with all the bells and whistles that a blank check will provide. Surprisingly though much of the effort has been directed towards the classics. Both Race cars and street alike they certainly remind me of days past. Upon entry your greeted by non other than the 917 with Gulf livery propped up on a pedestal with a plaque describing its heritage. All around the facility are reminders of yesterday and what to expect from tomorrow. Perhaps one of the coolest things is a wall filled with every Porsche model ever built in matchbox car size. Very cool addition to those of us with an extra wall to fill in our Central Park West pad. Needless to say when asked if this collection was for sale I was told that out of everything in the building this was one of the most time consuming- figure it. All in all the level of achievement from an architectural standpoint somehow does not hold a candle to the current and classic Porsche’s that are stored there for both clients and owed by PCNA. Certainly a trip here will be a treat to all both young and not as young 😉 The 911 is arguably comparable to a fine timepiece. It’s near appearance forces us to reminisce. All of us can recall the first time one zoomed by- perhaps as a child in the 1960’s or as teenager in the 80’s. For many of you this is a fond memory of limited responsibly and dreams of grandeur. Many, if not all of us have realized this dream in one fashion or another. Porsche ownership is more than a self recognition of success, or a means of that sought after adrenaline rush- no no, it has become part of who we are and who we had aspired to be. For some of you it may be a wall street type hopping into a 87 cabriolet while you walked to your first interview, and for many others it was simply a fantasy they wanted to live out of cruising on a winding road with goggles, and of course the leaves blowing behind- yes most any 80’s car ad. I will make the assumption that readers are in fact current or past Porsche owners and admirers and fully understand this fantasy. Porsche has always been synonymous with quality, performance, and a graceful silhouette. It is now time to preserve this valuable timepiece for generations to come to enjoys. Fortunately Porsche AG has answered your prays with Porsche Classic. Porsche Classic has dedicated years of resources to compile over 52,000 ORIGINAL parts for your Classic Porsche. NO other company can even come close to the sheer mass of classic car parts built with the quality standards we have all expected of a Porsche Genuine branded part.


Good question.

Porsche Classic has listened and is offering most all necessary items to keep you classic Porsche performing and looking like new. RS 1/4 panels- Yup still made by hand (30 labor hours), that little thing behind the door handle you can’t even find on the microfilm- yup that too 😉 Each quarter they will be releasing new parts to the public and will continue to do so. Perhaps this was due to their sheer appreciation of the Porsche owner or the fact that values are up between 100%-200% over the past couple of years on most models. Either way it is a God send as the dismantle rs have less on their shelves and aftermarket/OEM parts that are sold on the net usually do not live up to their description. Fortunately these Porsche classic parts are as good as if not better than the original. New processes’ and materials will offer longer life as well as better fitment than new. Of course this comes with a price but we can all agree you get what you pay for.


Silly question to 99% of Porsche owners, but one that needs to be answered. Without going on and on about appreciation, currency valuations, inflation, etc. Let’s assume you own a good car- i.e. she runs and can be washed without paint chips falling off. Most any model built between 1950-1998 has appreciated from its initial purchase to the tune of 100%+. As I tell all Porsche owners, the only thing that brings value is originality. Color combinations, wings, etc is certainly nice but nothing beats a well cared for original car. If you own a good example of the Porsche car certainly it is worth it to purchase and install genuine parts that you know fit and will be reliable for years to come. Not to mention the lack of headaches most aftermarket parts cause.

For those of you out there with a classic Porsche that demands the best, Porsche Classic website will be your newest favorite. Be sure to investigate who provides Porsche Classic parts and service exclusively and ask to see the box. Even when it comes to packaging these parts they got it right!​