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The New Panamera

By Michael Tashjian • February 5, 2017

WOW! Gone is the Chrysler Crossfire rear end, and so comes the ever graceful circa 1978 928 silhouette. The anticipation of a redesigned Panamera has been flooding social media around the world basically since the Panamera was first launched to criticism many moons ago. Yesterday’s unveiling in Berlin was a carefully orchestrated media event live streamed to millions. Certainly a success, but not without a minor hiccup one week prior. As usual, a Chinese blogger had the stock photo up a few days before, as we have seen with everything from new iPhones to nuclear tests in Korea. One I guess could make the argument Porsche leaked the picture to entice enthusiasts to watch the live stream and post it to Facebook- yes I was one of these people.

The 2017 Panamera is a ground up build with the latest gadgets and luxuries one would expect from a 500 million Euro investment. Buyers can choose initially between a 440 on the Turbo V6 and 550 horsepower Turbo V8 engine coupled with a 16% advantage in fuel economy- owe. Porsche will announce a Diesel to come at a later date- no thanks. Rear wheel steering, LCD screens just about everywhere, new bucket seats, and gear selector that rivals that of the Viking 92’ bow thruster. All of these systems will probably require at least a weekend and a bottle of scotch to learn, but I am sure once they are mastered will provide the driver with an effortless commute on the LIE @ 7am traveling at a blistering 15mph.

Porsche is claiming the new Panamera is the fastest production sedan in the world. Yes we have all seen the video from the Ring by now. For me this is not the selling point. For years I have been saying if you want a sedan buy a MB S550 since @ 100K purchase price you get all the luxuries a sports sedan can offer. NO LONGER. Porsche designers have stepped up their game and gone beyond the wish list of all the enthusiasts and soon to be former 7 series and S class clientele. The arrangement of gauges and driver position in relation to the road is comparable only to the 911. I have no doubt that this will be the best selling Porsche to hit the showroom floor, ever. At a starting price of 100K (yeah right), it is going to crush both BMW and Mercedes from every aspect. If your in the market for a wicked fast luxury sedan and have what I am guessing around 125K in cash burning a hole in your pocket call your Porsche dealer and get on the list now. The 2017 Panamera is sure to be the hottest car on the road this winter.