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Tips for Long-Term Vehicle Storage

By Michael Tashjian • July 19, 2017
For many people who own a luxury vehicle like a Porsche, long-term storage is a need every now and then. Whether you’re traveling or keeping the vehicle at a lesser-used location, keeping the vehicle safe and well-maintained is vital.

At Formula Motorsports, we’re here to help with not only our Porsche restoration, maintenance and service, but with considerations like storage as well. Here are a few tips we can offer to make sure your storage experience goes off without any hassle.

Tank and Oil

Before taking your car in for storage, fill it with gas – the fuller the tank, the less chance of any excess moisture building up in the tank, which can lead to rust. Also be sure the oil has been changed recently, and the filter has been replaced. Old or dirty oil in the car for a long period of time can lead to premature rusting within the engine.

On top of this, if you can, remove your spark plugs and lubricate the car’s cylinders before storage.

Tires and Jacks

Tires can be very expensive to replace, so make sure you fill them to the maximum suggested PSI before storage. If you’re leaving the car in storage for a significant period, consider putting the car up on jack stands – this will relieve weight on the tires and suspension, and will prevent tires from flat spotting. If you’re storing the car on a dirt or stone surface, add plywood or another strong surface below the tires to protect them from rot.


Store a clean and waxed car – any additional dust or debris can lead to pests and odors. This includes the wheels.

Battery and Fluids

Remove the battery entirely if you’re planning to store the car long-term. Clean it with a mixture of baking soda, petroleum jelly and distilled water if it’s dirty, and store it of the ground in a climate-controlled environment. If you only store your car for periods at a time, consider a battery tender to keep the battery up over time.

In addition, do a quick inspection before storage for fluids like antifreeze, brake fluid and transmission fluid.

​Want to learn more about proper storage for your luxury vehicle, or interested in any of our Porsche services? Speak to the experts at Formula Motorsports today.