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Tips for Picking the Right Porsche

By Michael Tashjian • December 15, 2017
If you’re looking into the purchase of a beautiful Porsche, you know you have lots of options. Porsche has numerous models to check out, all with varying characteristics and benefits.
At Formula Motorsports, we’re here to provide service and repairs for all Porsche models. We’re also here to offer advice when it’s needed – with that in mind, here are a few of the most common considerations our owners are often thinking about when they’re looking for the right Porsche model, and what the right model might be for these areas.


For anyone who has a need for speed, there are several Porsche options out there that will be perfect for you. At the top of the list, however, is almost certainly the 718 Boxter S. This sleek, beautiful car comes with an amazing 350 horsepower in the stock version, which gives it the ability to fly off the track and go from 0 to 60 miles per hour in just 4.4 seconds. If you’re looking to impress with speed and acceleration, the Boxter S should be one of your first choices.

Road Trips

Are you someone who frequently takes road trips across the country, and wants to do so in style and luxury? Look no further than the Porsche Macan, the perfect fit for longer in-car trips. The Macan has a large luggage compartment, and also features a roof transport configuration and an online navigation system that works anywhere. For the car owner looking to hit the open rood comfortably, consider the Macan.


If you’re at the helm of a growing family, you’re looking for considerations like space and safety. One of the top Porsche options here is the Cayenne, which has some of the company’s highest safety standards. It also has a unique design plus ample storage and space, and also boasts a Porsche Communication Management System. It’s built with several safety assistance programs meant to keep you and the family safe while on the road.
To learn more about which model of Porsche is right for you, or to find out about any of our Porsche repair or service offerings, speak to the pros at Formula Motorsports today.