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Formula Motorsports

Aerodynamic Upgrades 

Aerodynamic upgrades are most suitable for Porsche 911 & 718 models which are used on road courses.  Full Porsche OEM replacement, risers, and aftermarket replacements can add significant downforce when working in conjunction with motorsport suspension packages.  Swan neck conversions and RS style replications of the wing are available for most Porsche models from 1999-2024.  

  Wing risers for the Porsche GT3 models as well as GT4 can provide up to 60 lbs above 75 mph of additional downforce as well as offering better viewing through the rear view mirror.*  Aesthetics must be considered as risers can significantly change the appearance of your Porsche.    Other factors include rear diffusers, front spoiler aero specifications, and vehicle ride height.  It is not as simple as adding height for additional control on speed corners.  Alignment specifications, weight considerations, and venue must all be taken into account.  

Contact us for availability of aero upgrades for your Porsche.