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Formula Motorsports

Porsche Ceramic Composite Brakes

Formula Motorsports decades of experience and factory tooling allows us to accurately measure your brake wear.  ONLY Porsche dealers and specialty shops can afford such specific tools like this.  Your current generation PCCB rotors aren’t measured for width, weighed, or compared.  In fact, very few PCCB rotors mostly from the 997 and. earlier variant, had just a crude wear indicator.  Simply our Proceq Carboteq tool is the ONLY factory tool available to measure PCCB wear accurately when available.  If your service center does not have this tool and you have PCCB, best find another service center.


For our Motorsport clientele we offer PCCB conversion to steel rotors from Girodisc, Brembo, and other brands. The 30K cost to replace PCCB rotors as compared to their steel counterparts, is an obvious choice for the novice driver & professional driver
Please contact us for more information and benefits of steel rotor conversion.