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Formula Motorsports

Luxury Lives Forever: Classic Porsche Service

You know what people say about the Classics? It’s true that they’re always going to be here to stay. When it comes to automobiles, nothing can really top a Porsche Classic. On reputation alone, any vehicle of such recognition will fetch a pretty price tag, but with a Porsche Classic, every dollar is worth it. Formula Motorsports knows how fine a Porsche Classic is – which is why we take excellent care of your prized car.

Modern Technology and a Classic Automobile

You can trust that our team can fix up your Porsche Classic with the latest of technologies. There are state-of-the-art shock absorbers for your 993 that can give it the perfect road holding with front and rear axle shock absorbers. Why settle for anything less than the original driving experience, right?

A Reflection of You

Your classic Porsche automobile is a reflection of your achievements, and in most cases, a representation of life’s milestones. At Formula Motorsports, we posses not just the technical background to care for your 356, 912, 911, 914, 928, 944, 968, 964, 993, 996, or other investment grade Porsche, but have a sentimental attachment as your Porsche represents our own history. Conceived in 1966 in Brooklyn, NY this family owned and operated business has been caring for, restoring, and appreciating these automobiles since they were on the showroom floor of your Porsche/Audi dealer. Many times client cars were purchased and arrived via shipping container, other times in multiple parts, and many times passed down from generation to generation.  

At Formula Motorsports we offer Classic service for Porsche 911’s, and use ONLY Porsche classic original parts when available.  Porsche Classic original parts catalogue offers over 52000 parts built to the exact specifications by master craftsman.   Please call us to discuss service and/or purchase of a Porsche Classic automobile.

944/928/914 & Motorsports services also available.