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Formula Motorsports

Excellence in Porsche Collision Repair

We sympathize with our client’s feelings regarding “it never going to be the same.”  Certainly, specifications are going to be the same, but the psyche of man, not measured by the same metrics.   Inconvenience, coupled with the foreboding thought that their prized Porsche will never be the same again, happens all too often. Pressure by your insurance company to keep repair claim costs low can further aggravate the repair process. At Formula Motorsports, our commitment is to preserve, and if possible, enhance your automotive investment. We assure our clients that after we’ve completed repairs, your Porsche will look and perform as well as it did, from the assembly line in Germany. Do not let your insurance company direct you to a repair center, they are bias, obviously – call us first! We assess your vehicle with only one thing in mind, which is to provide the best repair possible.


​As mentioned, collisions or body damage is a most unpleasant experience for you as the owner or driver. First and foremost, you have to trust the person working on the repairs of your Porsche. Their experience, in this arena of collision repairs, is what will make the difference. The success or failure in restoring your beloved machine to its correct integrity and concours appeal depends on the craftsman. Note that your dealer does not perform collision repairs in-house.  These repairs are subcontracted, which inhibits any type of quality control measures.  Porsche paint services are second to none at Formula Motorsports and our concours wins prove it.

Insurance companies invariably offer quite a lackadaisical representation, one which is bound by their bottom line on costs involved in the repairs. We advise that, upon a most unfortunate accident, our clients bring their Porsche to us for a proper estimate. It will be best for you and your Porsche’s welfare if you refuse to allow a company representative to give their opinion on a first-time basis. Our bottom line is, “do not bring your Porsche to anyone but us first!” This concept reduces supplements created by insufficient initial review of parts and materials needed to perform a correct repair. Since we use the same software as most insurance companies, we can accurately estimate repairs in a professional manner.

Remember, Formula Motorsports is exclusive to Porsche. By conducting ourselves with this as our mantra, we can exercise precise control during the collision process on all systems in your Porsche. Upon disassembly, our trained technicians have a great repertoire of experiences upon which to call. We have utmost experience in knowing all about Porsche, including its body and the characteristics that go along with chassis and paint corrections and enhancements.

For all Porsche collision repair services in New York City, our equipment is always current and dedicated to correct any frame discrepancies and paint irregularities. We pride ourselves in the use of materials of excellent qualities and duplicate many factory procedures, right down to the type of adhesives and cleaning products used in the German automotive assembly. As soon as we are contacted, a flatbed is immediately dispatched to help you in securing you and your Porsche, as well as transport it in a proper fashion to Formula Motorsports.

Unlike ANY other Porsche facility in the U.S. we carry all Celette jigs in house for your Porsche 911.

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