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Formula Motorsports

Formula Motorsports and Porsche History in NYC

Formula Motorsports is the dominant and progressive leader in comprehensive Porsche Maintenance, Porsche Racing, and Porsche Collision Repair & Restoration. As the first exclusive Porsche facility in the U.S., Formula Motorsports continues to be at the forefront of the advanced and state-of-the-art Porsche technology and tooling.  We have first-hand intimate knowledge of practically every Porsche engine design since, well, the first Porsche developments.  Formula Motorsports uses ONLY Porsche Genuine parts when possible and performs each repair/diagnosis based on Porsche factory standards and quality control measures. ​

Mission Statement

Providing our clientele with value and performance services reflective of Porsche AG processes.  Our family operated business has cultivated more friendships than clients for over 58 years, thus our success.  For generations to come we will continue the legacy of providing Porsche knowledge and refined craftsmanship.

The 1960’s in New York City was a flurry of new ideas and new products, most importantly being little European sports cars. The idea for the Porsche exclusive service center materialized; Formula Garage, Inc was born in 1966 Brooklyn, NY.  The first location had two German-made lifts and 5,000 Sq Ft of Porsche parts, purchased by the container load. Mark’s vision was to have an exclusive one signature location, where everything from collision to engine development could be achieved. In 1982 the brand name was changed to Formula Motorsports, to embrace our performance and road racing heritage. Before fancy customizers and even before tuning was, well, tuning, Mark embarked onto new and unchartered territory.   In 1984 to fulfill his vision, Formula Motorsports moved to its current location, the former MET fine oriental carpet repair center in Long Island City, NY. The building includes multiple 25X50 skylights allowing the artists at the time to assess, inspect and reweave ancient oriental and middle eastern rugs. The new facility was the necessary addition for the Porsche exclusive service center.  It provided the space and the natural light for the Porsche technicians to work on your prized possession.   For the past three generations and more than half a century later, Formula Motorsports has remained the pinnacle of the Porsche experience

37th Ave/31st St Circa 1913
37th Ave/31st St Circa 1913
Brooklyn location Circa 1980’s

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