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Formula Motorsports

Formula Motorsports Guaranteed Pre Purchase Inspection

Formula Motorsports regularly travels the globe in pursuit of the most unique Porsche’s available with pedigree & condition exceeding expectations.   Our team has procured some of the most significant Porsche road and racing models for the most discerning clientele.  Our comprehensive evaluations of all the different Porsche models has elevated us to be considered the authority in appraisals with international rocognition.  An evaluation, appraisal, or pre-sale inspection performed by Formula Motorsports insures our clients are made abreast of any inherent issues and overall prejected maintenance costs.  

Michael & Mark Tashjian have performed more PPI’s on investment grade Porsche than any other independent entity.   No matter how unique the Porsche, Formula Motorsports and their team can build a detailed history of the car and its accomplishments.  From the 934–>911–>918  Mark & Michael’s experience in brokering prototype, limited build, and custom Porsche’s is second to none in this space.  

During Pre Purchase Inspection of your Porsche you will receive not only a detailed written evaluation of the Porsche inspection, but an estimate of work we recommend be performed before being deemed road worthy or even investment grade.  This can be used as a negotiation tool with the seller and provide substantial savings.  We are an agent of you the buyer and can offer an unbiased opinion on price and overall value.  Do NOT have the seller/dealer perform a PPI- they are not an unbiased party and do not understand collision repair integrity nor long-term depreciation.  Never allow the seller to “recommend” a PPI facility as this creates a conflict of interest in its purest form.  We will also examine any existing Porsche warranty should it be available through PCNA.  This PPI is the most important investment you will EVER make on your Porsche.  On a percentage basis it will be the most important financial decision you will make for your individual Porsche or collection.  Formula Motorsports offers PPI’s both onsite, internationally, or in our facility at the 59th Street Bridge in Long Island City, NY.  

No one travels further, no one has performed more PPI’s on significant Porsche automobiles.  Click below for a list of the most prominent PPI’s performed by Formula Motorsports by year.  We travel onsite and can accommodate most requests within 48-hours globally, (Visa dependent).