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Faster and Stronger: Porsche Racing Service

Porsche Club of America Tech Site

​As members and fans, Monticello Motor Club, just 90 minutes from New York City, features 4.1 miles of smooth race-grade asphalt dedicated to the driving pleasure of its members – individuals and families who are passionate about motorsports, who relish the driving experience, and who seek a place of belonging among like-minded people.  


With the support of Porsche Motorsport and a global network of vendors allows us to professionally maintain Current & Historic Porsche factory race cars and procure original parts on a regular basis. Marketing & financing efforts have proven successful results over the past 56 years. Our race prep/restoration work ranges from 935, 962, GT4, GT3, GT2 & Cup versions of 993-992 Cup/RSR and Porsche production models.  Our proprietary setups, which have race proven results, are offered exclusively to our motorsport clientele.  Whether it be strictly a performance based application or a novice setup, we have the answers.  Porsche 911’s in particular require setups which match not only driving style but course specific data.   Porsche racing is our passion!


A value conscience approach to motorsport as an ameuer is the key to both success and enjoyment. We consider not only performance as an expecation but post campaign marketability of your Porsche.  Generations of Porsche enthusiasts and drivers have and continue to rely on our investment/value projections for GT and rare Porsche production models alike.  To learn more about how to efficiently equip and properly enjoy a driver education or high performance driving event please contact us.


With 54 years of Porsche tuning experience and historic specs we know what works. From mid engine spec Porsche’s through Prototype models with the Formula Motorsports team success is inevitable. Formula Motorsports attends various racing series both semi and professional, as well as specialty events such as Rennsport and the Daytona 24 Classics. Throughout the year team members can be found at Club Level Racing events as well as venues around the globe in pursuit of dominance in Porsche racing.  


Formula Motorsports and its global network are available to develop and fully initiate a professional racing team for any series globally. From financing to logistics our team has offered some of the most decorated racing teams in the world invaluable assistance and management. 

​*Based solely on availability and conditions.


Porsche historic rally and 996/997/991 hill climbing builds have been amongst the finest builds we have had the pleasure to imagine for our cliental.  From replica Porsche rally 911-964 livery’s we are one of the few locations to have access to original literature and historic photographs.