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Formula Motorsports

To Former Glory: Porsche Restoration in NYC

Restoration of Porsche Exclusively

Automobile restoration, such as our Porsche repair service in NYC, is the process of repairing the degraded aspect of a car to return it to an overall “authentic” condition. It is comparable to renovating a car without updating or upgrading it. Our team aims to work on your Porsche and achieve an appearance similar to when it had been first offered for sale if not superior. Our services that comprise Porsche restoration in New York City cover the use of non-factory paint codes and paint schemes. This also includes using the interior and chrome trim of a particular period, like those commonly shared between similar models of an era, so that your Porsche model resembles its original look. Many restored cars, for example, are prone to losing their original engines and have a similar capacity or model-related engine installed. Formula Motorsports restorations have been showcased at Porsche Cars North America Headquarters by request (PEC) and Monterey-Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance as well as prestigious venues globally.

Specializing in complete Porsche restorations in NYC, our team can restore your prized possession to its original glory. By using historical data that allows us to reproduce a vehicle to its original specifications, your road and race cars are surely in good hands. Formula Motorsports also works with a worldwide network of model specialists and historians to ensure the most accurate information is utilized in restoring your vehicle.  Formula Motorsports has restored 100+ Porsche 911 models to date.  We strictly use the Celette Porsche Approved frame system exclusively. 

Mark Tashjian
1986 911 Carrera Circa 2019

Recent Restoration below: (Visit our Instagram @formulamotorsports for current photos)

2021 & earlier inquire 


  • 1969 912  -COMPLETE
  • 1971 911S -COMPLETE
  • 1971 911T (partial) -COMPLETE
  • 1981 911SC -IN PROGRESS Phase 3
  • 1983 930 -COMPLETE
  • 1987 911- COMPLETE


  • 1965 356C- COMPLETE
  • 1984 911 Targa- COMPLETE
  • 1991 911 Carrera- COMPLETE
  • ​1977 911S- COMPLETE
  • 1969 Porsche 912-COMPLETE


  • 1978 928
  • 1964 356

We worked on your vehicle when it was new. This is how we know the exact fashion of the parts that were installed (there is not literature that can replicate experience), along with the oddities, such as over spray areas and application. Formula Motorsports also works to ensure that restorations meet the highest of standards. Our craftsmen are trained in old-fashioned panel forming and shaping by utilizing handmade dollies and English wheels when needed.

For more modern race and road cars, our specialists are skilled in aluminum fabrication, welding as well as carbon fiber and monocoque chassis repair, such as the intricacies on the Carrera GT, RS Spyder, and 918 Spyder. Note that all Carbon monocoque damage from impact will require complete replacement. Formula Motorsports fabricators can create mild steel and aluminum tubing for suspension components and build complete roll cages. When possible, we use Porsche OEM roll cages for RS model GT3 and GT2 – not reproductions. Quality and experience enable us to provide genuine Porsche repair service in New York City.

Formula Motorsports uses the latest chassis/jig equipment from Celette, the approved Porsche chassis repair equipment supplier, and all Porsche repair work in NYC follows factory standards. Ask us about the availability of Porsche Classics parts to keep your Porsche 100% original.

Formula Motorsports also restores modern Porsche factory built race cars from the 60s through today, as well as Porsche vintage race cars/collaborations with a successful competition pedigree. 

Completed 2022 1971 911S