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Formula Motorsports

Porsche-Exclusive Maintenance in NYC

At Formula Motorsports, we consider performing regular servicing intervals on your dear Porsche as one of our primary objectives, and this includes Porsche scheduled maintenance in New York City. From routine oil changes through clutch replacements, we provide the most comprehensive analysis of your Porsche on each visit. With all Porsche and Bosch specialty tools, we follow factory guidelines. Nothing is overlooked during these routine visits. Far too often, issues are incorrectly diagnosed, due to the repair facility not having a Porsche specific factory tester. Whether it is a major service or scheduled factory maintenance, Formula Motorsports has all factory software, literature, and tools to complete the job in a timely and cost effective manner.

Porsche scheduled factory maintenance in NYC at 15K, 25K, 40K, 50K, and 75K are fully warranted and are even more comprehensive than Porsche specifies. Despite their repeated guarantees, only a handful of independent service centers possess the skills, experience, and facility to perform a proper OEM overhaul of your complicated Porsche engine or transaxle. Our dedicated engine room for factory level quality and consistency will always remain as the industry standard. Furthermore, the in-house machine shop and welding and fabricating capabilities we possess are the finest in the industry. For over 53 years, we have overhauled literally thousands of Porsche drive trains – from a 4-cylinder boxer through the various 4-valve, water-cooled V types – can your current service center make this important statement?


Formula Motorsports utilizes the Porsche factory Beissbarth ML Tech + 4 Wheel Digital Alignment system with special adapters to mount alignment heads without touching the lip of the wheel. By mounting in the center of the hub area, the Porsche specific mounts offer a virtually touch-less installation of the measuring equipment. The Beissbarth aligner is one of the most technologically advanced aligner, which is no surprise since Beissbarth has been manufacturing this equipment for over 100 years and aligns the 918/992 Cup/959. This aligner is so precise and advanced it is also uses as a measuring device deigned for collision repair to pinpoint damaged areas.


Formula Motorsports utilizes the Porsche factory Beissbarth Servomat MS68NG tire machine. Bosch WB 820 Wheel Balancer. For our racing cliental we are able to offer most every brand and competition compound with delivery around the country to most track even on weekends. Click below for more information on Porsche wheel options.


We pride ourselves on using ONLY Mobil 1 full synthetic oil as per Porsche recommendation or Porsche Classic Motor oil for 356, 901, 912, 911. Be aware most shops do NOT use Mobil 1 full synthetic or for that matter any full synthetic oil thus answers the question as to “how can they do it so cheap?


All too often with GT3, Carrera GT, 918, and GT2 models, damage occurs on the rocker panels since the lifts installed are meant for various brands.  Since we are exclusive to Porsche we have specifies arms the sit only 2mm from ground level.  For our Carrera GT clients we have custom built anchors on our lifts to eliminate any possibility of weigh transfer resulting in damage.  We use specific lift plates provided by Porsche AG for the Carrera GT , 918, and 992.

PORSCHE Engine – Gearbox Rebuilding

Today Porsche builds more engine types than ever before.  Gone are the days for your “neighborhood” mechanic to posses the software, hardware, and literature to diagnose your current Porsche.  The new 992 Turbo charged engine family runs in conjunction with such a plethora of systems it is almost impossible to correct diagnose most any engine running condition without Porsche test materials and computers.  If you think it is expensive to hire a professional to diagnose a Porsche, hire an amateur.  Todays DFI and Turbo Charged engines are extremely complex and require special Porsche procedure for proper diagnosis.   


Since 1966 Formula Motorsports has been developing and collaborating with the largest names in the world to make your Porsche sound and great as it drives.  Custom audio packages from 1973-present are award winning and requires NO MAINTENANCE.  By using only the best products we are able to not only keeping your Porsche looking factory original but without the “ticks.”  Our installations are made by electrical engineers who understand not only Porsche but the science behind sound waves and metallurgy.  Can you current installer make this claim?  We offer all premium brand audio equipment and seamlessly can integrate this into any OEM unit.


Formula Motorsports offers Bluetooth connectivity for both apple iphone and android.


We offer the most cutting edge fully integrated radar and laser systems on the market today from all major manufactures.


We offer the most comprehensive program for your graphic needs whether for street or track.  We pride ourselves on creating the most unique custom design for your Porsche without affecting resale.  Far too often we find that graphics are cut directly on cars.  All our graphics are laser measured to ensure a perfect application every time.  The only limit to our graphics packages is your imagination.  All packages can be viewed onscreen before ordering or application for your review.  Please note most car graphic services are performed onsite.


Formula Motorsports offers onsite professional detailing.  Being a fully integrated mechanical and autobody facility we are able to understand the inner workings of your paint and what causes certain imperfections.  With the use of various exterior and interior care products we can properly protect or renew most any synthetic or natural materials.  Coupled with our installation of Xpel paint protection film & Ceramic Pro your Porsche will be protected for both street and track use. Detailing offerings include but are not limited to Interior/Exterior/Engine/Chassis.  


We are asked regularly if Porsche fitted with PASM and/or Sport Crono have aftermarket suspension kits.  Absolutely.  The aftermarket kits supplied by various manufactures are not only superior but in many cases less money than OEM.  Electronic damping shock/strut sets have such demand that the options are endless.  Formula Motorsports also offers custom suspension setups for various racing venues and client expectations upon request.  Within our suspension options we also offer a full line of braking packages for ALL Porsche models.