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Formula Motorsports

Exclusive Porsche Service & Repair Available in NYC

Transparent Pricing

In most cases, we can provide exact costs (not an estimated cost) of repairs upon drop off of your Porsche. This eliminates the surprise factor that far too often plagues Porsche owners when dealing with both dealer and independents. Servicing your Porsche at Formula Motorsports does NOT void your Porsche warranty. ​

We always let the client know the cost before we begin a job, and many jobs carry an established price, so you have the security of knowing what the costs are upfront. AT FORMULA MOTORSPORTS THERE ARE NO HIDDEN SURPRISES! We’re aware that the expense of parts today can significantly affect the bottom line; therefore, replacing parts based on necessity rather than speculation is the best approach. At Formula Motorsports we ONLY us Porsche OEM/Genuine parts unless specified by the client or a superior replacement is available. Formula Motorsports accepts ONLY major credit card as the method of payment. For collision repairs, we accept checks from all major insurance companies direct.

First Visit

Your first visit is perhaps the most exciting and beneficial visit you will have at Formula Motorsports. Schedule your appointment by calling (347)574-6888. We can accommodate virtually any time requested by a client, as we are most intimately aware our clients passion for there car sometimes coincides with work and family life. We will take all the time necessary to familiarize you with our facility and your particular model Porsche. Learning the characteristics of your specific model Porsche will give you an advantage over the life of ownership, by being able to determine when an issue is critical or may require attention at a specified time interval. Since Formula Motorsports is a full-service center, we will begin with the aesthetics of your model and travel into the alloys your engine case is comprised of.

At Formula Motorsports, we work on all models, both current and vintage. Therefore we are intimately familiar with the nuances of each car and possible recalls they have and had. We have 16 dedicated work bays, 3-stall engine room, and Celette Frame center. We also display 58 years of Formula Motorsports and Porsche history in our showroom.