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Formula Motorsports

Live Longer, My Steed: Porsche Performance Tuning in NYC

The fine art of a Porsche tuning in New York City has evolved dramatically over the past few decades. As a trusted leader, as well as being the singularly dedicated independent full service Porsche facility in the northeast, our mission has consistently resulted in the largest following of Porsche 911 owners in the Northeast. Current tuning services require attention in the focus of quality upgrades, and this includes taking a long-term advisory position with our clients, allowing them to focus on upgrades that truly result in their objective.

Given the many makes and models Porsche has out on the market, it can be such a chore to know which parts of your car need a tuning. Modern technology has also allowed traditional maintenance repairs to sort of fade into obscurity. At Formula Motorsports, our state-of-the-art facilities and a team of experts offer a Porsche tuning in NYC that’ll undoubtedly improve the performance and lengthen the life of your beautiful roadster.

  • ENGINE- Air Intakes/DME Software/Crankshafts/Titanium Rods/Sport Camshafts/Factory Racing Piston Cylinder sets/Engine Mounts/Turbochargers/Factory Motorsports Parts
  • EXHAUST – Mufflers/Tips/Cats/Headers  Quicksilver  Tubi  Champion Motorsport Akrapovic
  • TRANSMISSION- Factory Gear Sets/Limited Slip Differentials
  • BODY- Carbon Fiber/Magnesium panels and RS Conversions
  • SUSPENSION- Ride Height/Corner Weight/Track Alignment  
  • BRAKES- PCCB Conversions/Increased Caliper/Floating Rotors
  • CLUTCH- Lighter Weight/High Clamping Pressure Kits/RS Conversions
  • ELECTRONICS- Light Weight Batteries/Stereo Installations/DME Upgrades/Radar
  • INTERIOR- Schroth Seat Belt Sets All Colors/Factory Roll Bars/Seats/Pedal Sets