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Formula Motorsports

Porsche Wheels

We provide the full line of Porsche Tequipment Wheels as well as provide custom painting services for OEM wheels.
For our more performance-oriented client BBS, Fuchs, Champion, OG Racing, HRE and other premier brands are available. Formula Motorsports also offers Porsche OEM carbon woven wheels as seen on the 991.2 Turbo S Exclusive (based on availability). At Formula Motorsports, we use Hunter Wheel Equipment exclusively per Porsche 2021 factory guidelines.

Original Fuchs Wheels

We can supply both the original Fuchs product manufactured today in Germany or its Porsche Classic Genuine equivalent. 


With access to thousands of custom Porsche Genuine parts such as carbon fiber side view mirrors, and shifters, you can rest assured you’re getting the best quality and crafted product available. We are also offering a full range of custom leather interior refinishing services for your Porsche based on model and grade.  


Our current offerings extend to carbon fiber parts as well as magnesium and lightweight aluminum panels. By using Porsche original parts, we are able not just to retain value but increase it. Beyond aesthetics, the performance gains coupled with our tuning packages, is unmatched. We install only Porsche Genuine product per Porsche process’ to ensure your Porsche retains its proper pedigree. Please call for further information on the 992 Aerokit as well as engine software performance packages. 

Pirelli Colored Sidewalls

Tire Mounting & Balancing

Proper equipment is essential for mounting and balancing low profile and stiff sidewalls.  At Formula Motorsports we use a Beisbarth Servomat and Hunter Elite Road Force Balancer (2019) to ensure the job is the done perfect the first time.   Porsche tire installation is nothing but routine and should be treated as such.